Learning Support: Changes to LS Policy

The Learning Support (LS) Program is a Board of Regents initiated program of courses and advisement to help build the foundational skills needed for success in college-level courses. Recently, the Board of Regents has decided to implement a series of changes to Learning Support Policy within all Board of Regents schools.

What is Changing?

Nearly every aspect of Learning Support has been looked at, using data from all of the USG institutions. This was boiled down to several points given to the USG institutions to implement.

What Does This Mean For Me?

Some of the changes involved will result in a Learning Support program that works differently from how it does now. It is GPC's goal, however, to make sure that all Learning Support students are aware of and prepared for the upcoming changes, and where possible to minimize the disruption to students.

When are These Changes Coming?

The Board of Regents has told all USG institutions that every change to Learning Support Policy will be implemented by Fall 2012. While the timeline to implement the new Learning Support policies may change as necessary and without notice, GPC does have a Policy Change Timeline.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the material published on these pages, some changes may be made without notice.