International Student Health Insurance (SHIP) and Global Plan

Beginning this fall semester 201

The University System of Georgia (USG), Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) has made available an additional health insurance option for international students and scholars enrolled at USG institutions. 

The insurance option is Global Georgia International Student Care Plan (Global Plan).  The Global Plan meets the requirements for waiving out of the SHIP.  The Global Plan is a United Healthcare product and is only available to students who qualify for the mandatory insurance plan.

Below is the Rate Comparison chart.  Please click below to view and compare the Global Plan to the SHIP Plan.  Please note that there are coverage level differences between these two plans, so please review carefully.

New Option: Global Georgia International Student Care Plan (Global Plan) Current Plan:  Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP)
Fall semester rate:  $341 Fall semester rate:  $752
Spring/summer rate: $472 Spring/summer rate: $1043


INSTRUCTIONS TO WAIVE SHIP (using the Global Plan): Students who wish to purchase the lower rate Global Plan to waive the SHIP Plan should follow these steps:

1.  Go to

2.  Click on "Select Plan" and follow instructions to purchase the Global Plan.  Deadline to purchase and enroll in the Global Plan is January 31, 2015

3.  Next, go to

4.  Click on "Waiver Form" and follow the instructions

5.  Once your insurance waiver is approved, ISAA will be notified, and ISAA will request a refund of the SHIP insurance premium you paid with your tuition.

Students who do not follow the above steps to purchase the Global Plan by 1/31/15 and waive the SHIP Plan must keep the SHIP Plan for spring/summer 2015.

Students who already submitted an insurance waiver through United HealthCare Student Resources (UHCSR) using a different insurance plan and were approved will not be eligible to use the Global Plan to waive SHIP spring/summer semester 2015.

Please direct your questions about the new Global Plan and waiving the SHIP Plan to 678-894-3235 or email and use Subject Line: Global Plan