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What we do:

The office of International Student Admissions and Advising at Georgia Perimeter College is a one-stop-shop for all students and applicants who:

  • Were born outside the United States
  • Completed their secondary education (high school) outside the US
  • Attended a college or university outside the US
  • Are permanent residents or naturalized citizens of the US
  • Are applicants for US permanent residency
  • Are holders of non-immigrant visas (F-1, H-1, J-1 etc...)
  • Are refugees or asylees

    We provide the following services for international students and applicants at Georgia Perimeter College:

  • International Student Admissions
  • Transfer Credit Evaluation from colleges and universities outside the US
  • International Student Advising and Counseling
  • Immigration Support
  • Assistance with Petitions for In-State Tuition Classification
  • Cultural and Educational Programming for International Students

    Please click on the topics on the left for more detailed information about our programs and services.