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"Out-of-State for Tuition Purposes" - What Does That Mean?

Persons who are legal Georgia residents are entitled to pay a lower tuition rate (in-state tuition) than people who are not Georgia residents (out-of-state tuition). At Georgia State University Perimeter College, a student who is "in-state" will pay around $1,000.00 for tuition for a full semester, and a student who is "out-of-state" will pay around $3,500.00 for the same classes. The lower tuition rate is a benefit for legal residents of Georgia.

What Makes a Person "In-State"?

In general, there are Five Requirements that a person (or a person's parent or spouse or legal guardian) needs to meet:

  1. Physically lived in Georgia for the last 12 months, and
  2. Worked in Georgia for the last 12 months, and
  3. Paid or was claimed on US and Georgia income taxes in the preceding year, and
  4. Are legally present in the US in a status that allows for permanent residence (i.e. is a US citizen, legal permanent resident, asylee, refugee, or has applied for legal permanent residency).
  5. Can provide evidence that he/she intends to remain in Georgia.

Anyone who can meet all of these requirements could be eligible for the in-state tuition rate.

Why did Georgia State University Perimeter College Classify Me as a "Out-Of-State"?

The most common reason is that information on your application didn't match all of the Five Requirements listed above. Missing just one of these is enough to classify you as out-of-state.

We do this because we have a responsibility to protect the interests of the taxpayers of Georgia.

I Think I Have Been Mistakenly Classified as "Out-of-State". What Can I Do?

If you believe you have been classified incorrectly, you can ask us to review your situation. You will have to provide us additional documents to prove that you, your spouse, parent, or legal guardian meet the Five Requirements. This request for a review is called a "Petition for In-State Tuition".

A petition can be somewhat complicated, but just remember, what we are looking for is evidence that you or your parent or spouse or legal guardian meet the Five Requirements, and if you are basing your residency on a relationship to relative, we will also need to see legal evidence of the relationship, such as a birth, adoption, or marriage certificate, or a court order granting legal custody.

Other supporting documentation - such as a Georgia drivers' license, Georgia automobile registration card, or voter identification card from a Georgia county, etc… may also be helpful or required.

Does This Mean I Will Always Have to Pay Out-Of-State Tuition?

No, If your situation changes in the future so that you, your spouse, parent, or legal guardian can meet the Five Requirements, then you will be able to successfully petition and change to in-state status.

I Want to File a Petition for In-State Tuition. What is My Next Step?

All of the instructions are available on the Petition for In-state Tuition; use this form for the Summer 2016 term ONLY.

To inquire about residency for Fall 2016 term and future terms, please follow the directions on the GSU website. http://app.gsu.edu/tuition_classification/

Please answer all questions completely, and provide all the documents listed. When you have everything together, take your petition to any Enrollment and Registration Services office, or to any International Student Admissions and Advising office. The staff there will work quickly to evaluate your petition, and make changes to your status.

If you file your petition during the first 30 days of a semester, if approved, the change could be effective for that semester. If a petition is filed after the first 30 days of a term, if approved, it will be effective for the following semester.


If you require assistance with one of the campuses or just a general question regarding ERS please call us at 678-891-3500 or go online to www.gpc.edu/selfservice and submit a web inquiry. We respond to all web inquiries within 2 business days.