Register for Class Online

1. Go to the GPC Student Information System (SIS) and click on "Enter Student Information System".

2. Enter your GPC username and password:
Don't know what that is? Your GPC username and password is the same one used for GPC email and iCollege. If you know your GPC username and password, proceed to the next step. If you are a new user or have forgotten your username and password, go to GetMyLogin.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the GPC Bulletin Board and click Continue.

4. Verify your address and phone number.

How to Register for and Add Classes

Important Note: You cannot access online registration before your scheduled registration time (Time Ticket). If you encounter a registration or prerequisite hold while registering, you must contact an advisor.

Once you're logged into the Student Information System (SIS) follow the steps below:

1. Select Registration and view the registration menu.

2. Select Add/Drop Classes.

3. Select appropriate term and click the Submit Term button.
(If you have a Hold that stops your registration (stop sign), note how to have Contact your advisor to remove academic holds. If you have a Hold that is an informational message (caution sign), read and note the information before proceeding.)

4.Enter the CRN number for each course you are taking. If you do not know the CRN, see Finding Open Classes.

5. Click the Submit Changes button to submit the class you are taking selections.

6. If you have a Registration Error, double check the course information, enter the correct course information and click on the Submit Changes button.

7.When all of your course selections appear as a Current Schedule, check the Grade Mode for each course; if you wish to designate any course as Audit or CPC, use the drop down menu for Grade Mode and select the appropriate status; click the Submit Changes button.

8.Click on Menu icon (located upper right).

9. Select Registration Fee Assessment to complete your registration and print a copy.

10. Select Schedule Detail and print your schedule.