Personal Counseling Services

Welcome to Personal Counseling Services

The Office of Personal Counseling Services offers confidential personal counseling to assist students with personal, developmental, or psychological concerns related to their academic progress and personal growth. The Personal Counseling Services staff recognizes that there is a clear relationship between personal development, emotional wellness and success in academic pursuits. Thus, the Office of Personal Counseling Services at Georgia Perimeter College is committed to supporting students who have personal issues that hinder their academic success via providing the following services.

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Referrals to campus and community resources
  • Faculty and Staff Training Workshops

Personal Counseling Access Line:  770-278-1300

Jennifer Smith, LPC
Building CN, Room 1547

Decatur/ Alpharetta
Dr. Ca Trice Glenn, LPC, ACS, NCC
Personal Counselor
Building SA, Room 2104

Marquita Johnson, LPC, NCC
Personal Counselor
Building B, Room 1306

Newton Campus
Ann Howard, LPC, NCC
Personal Counselor
Building 2N, Room 2308

Dr. Rufus Larkin, LPC, LCSW, ACS
Associate Director of Personal Counseling
Building 1N, Room 3105